Mac App Store Cracked Using New Software Called Kickback

The Mac App Store – Apple’s desktop version of the iOS App Store – will not open until January 6, 2011, but the infamous geek community has claimed that they have already cracked the virtual store’s security.

For those that are unfamiliar with, this geek community is known for its Apptrackr and Installous software. The former indexes links to millions of cracked iOS application, and the latter is an iOS application that is a pirate version of the App Store, giving users the option to either download a cracked copy of an application for free or purchase it from iTunes. This week, they revealed that they are preparing to do the same for the yet unreleased Mac App Store. calls their Mac App Store breaker “Kickback”. They will not be kicking off the new year with the release of the software or launch another pirated store though. decided that they will wait until the Mac App Store messy as its counterpart, the iOS.

Are you curious about the idea behind this sneaky plan? It is because the main reason (or so they say) why the community started all this DRM-breaking business is that there are many application on the App Store, but most of them don’t have a trial or even a lite version. Apple’s archaic and too simple UI layout for the App Store doesn’t help people discover which applications really are worth it either. The idea is that iOS users who want to try an application that doesn’t have a free trial version can hit up Installous and test drive the full-version application for free, as long as they want!