IBM Forecasts 3D Holographic Cell Phone Calls by 2015

3D Holographic Cell Phone Calls

Holographic phone calls could be the norm by 2015. Do you think impossible? However, it comes from the world’s giant provider of computer services International Business Machine (IBM), which predicts that mobile phones will project a 3-D holographic snap of callers as soon as 2015. The IBM gathered data from some 3,000 researchers as part of its yearly survey on the future of technology and holographic snapshots led the list.

Moreover, Air-breathing batteries were the next thing researchers thought we could see by 2015, along with apps predicting traffic conditions and environmental information generated by our mobile phones and cars. However, these predictions are still far from becoming a reality – instant speech translation was long due by IBM’s predictions as well and we are yet to see it.

3D Holographic Phone Calls
On the other hand, some of the predictions are derived from research that has already started at IBM. For example, the environmental information gathered by mobile phones and cars is a current project of the company. And many previous predictions are also become a reality like the 2007 dated prediction of use of mobile phones for payments. About a week ago, the Internet Search Engine-giant, the Google, has launched the Nexus S with support for NFC that could turn out to be the next revolution in mobile payments. Paul Saffo, Managing Director of investment consultant company Discern said, “The nice thing about the list is that it provokes thought. If everything came true, they wouldn’t be doing their job”.

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