Norwegian Politician Nominates WikiLeaks for Nobel Peace Prize


Snorre Valen, a member of Norway’s parliament, said that the website deserves the Nobel Peace Prize because of its contribution to democracy and freedom of speech. Each year, nominees for the prestigious prize are chosen by invitation of the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

“Liu Xiabao was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year for his struggle for human rights, democracy and freedom of speech in China,” Valen’s blog post reads. “Likewise, WikiLeaks have contributed to the struggle for those very values globally, by exposing (among many other things) corruption, war crimes and torture.”

The nomination of Julian Assange‘s WikiLeaks could be as controversial as WikiLeaks itself. While there was quite a bit of international support for Assange prior to the release and at the very beginning of the release of secret government cables, we noticed that some of the publications that received access to the cables, including the New York Times and especially Germany’s Der Spiegel have somewhat turned against Assange with the release of books that describe the background of the release and Assange as a person.

Der Spiegel describes Julian Assange as a generally difficult person to deal with, someone who threatened the publications with lawyers. There is plenty of dirty laundry that discusses the problems and battles of WikiLeaks and paint an organization that is extremely secretive, accessed its initial materials with the help of a Chinese hack.

36 thoughts on “Norwegian Politician Nominates WikiLeaks for Nobel Peace Prize

  1. I’m not a huge fan of Wikileaks but I want to see EVIDENCE not conjecture of actual harm from leaks especially on Afghanistan before I take a stance that Wikileaks is wrong.

    I’m inclined to think the Afghan leaks are unforgivable if informants were/are put in danger; most of the diplomatic chatter is pretty low level and hardly surprising stuff.

    I think many are very upset with opinions overwhelming facts in the whole matter. I read the now rescinded leak from the Swedish police and the rape allegation is pretty tenuous (I’m a woman and I take this very seriously) and the hacking crime was given a suspended sentence because there was no sign of harm. If you are going to attack, make it count on the facts, not the man. Did they harm people on the ground? Yes or no? If yes, you have made your case and he is a criminal. But in all this morass I can’t find the evidence.

    As to support, I’m surprised but it’s pretty broad-based IMHO from both liberals and conservatives, certainly many libertarians (which Assange avows to be). I think what people are very annoyed about is the business-as-usual left-right slinging of insults. If this has taught anyone working in the mainstream media (both left and right) it’s enough already. We can make our own mind up – do your job, do the leg-work and give us the FACTS, not opinions.

  2. I am an American and I feel Assange (the accused Rapist) is a criminal, encouraging criminal activities (paying people to release secret documents). It is good to release some information, but what you release must be released responsibly.

    Before people tell me I am a puppet of the media by feeling he is dangerous, I am not, I am in the US Military and an Iraq Veteran, I for one do not like secret or sensitive information being released while our nation is still at war. I do not want any of my fellow Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines to be injured or killed because of this Bozo’s need for attention. He should be sent to Sweden to be tried for his sex crime and then to the USA or any other nation he has engaged in espianage against.

  3. to the nobel political prize or the nobel anti capitalist prize or the nobel anti American prize or the nobel who can be the most progressive prize . The lame as- Obama got one for doing nothing , Gore got one for doing nothing , didn’t Carter get one for being lamer than Obama ? How about the nobel prize for being lame ?The prize use to mean something .

  4. I kindly disagree. When someone speaks the truth and provides evidence of a crime, I do not consider this an attack. He is not against America, he is only fighting for the truth to be heard. And that takes a brave person.

    It is the criminals that should be prosecuted and not the messenger.

  5. Maybe I’m missing the point in the article, but Assange’s public actions have seemed to me to be mature and deserving of attention.

  6. Wikileaks is fighthing the very right enemy of the world. USA has more troops than any other country on more than 700 permanent military bases around the world. They constantly invade different countries and overthrow governments.

    Not becase they want democracy, but in pure selfish interest in supporting their international companies.

    USA is controlled by the bankers from ‘The Bilderberg Group’ and so is the European Union that they created. Their goal is NWO (New World Order) to control all of the world. The invasion of Afghanistan, Irak and soon to come Iran is because they want the natural resourses.

    Wikileaks is very important to show the world how they do this. Assange was first not charged with any crimes in Sweden as the first prosecuter could not find any reason. But after complaints, most probably from the USA, the swedes suddenly thought he could be charged with rape and all kinds of things. They try to silence Assange.

  7. If keeping good records is a sign of humanity, then the nazis had everyone beat a half-century before such things as laptops and websites :)

    the fact of the matter is that everyone in the developed world is using computers. the soldiers who shot a bunch of innocent iraqis (reporters, no less) and their children (in the original wikileaks video) were using more computers than most of us will ever have access to. and as you can see from the video, they were firing from behind a screen just as you accuse julian assange of doing

    the cia and mossad have been working their evil for more than 60 years and by shining light on their actions, wikileaks is exposing the united states and israel’s international sadism, tyrrany and inhumanity for the pure inhumanity that it is

  8. I find it appalling and sad that someone with no integrtiy or concern for privacy not respect for nations and their government has not been shut down yet.

  9. @Christella:

    I agree that it’s appalling when someone lacks integrity, concern for privacy, or respect for nations. However, Assange’s case, it’s very debatable whether he lacks integrity. He would argue that posting the content on his website was morally justifiable, while the smear against him may not even be true.

    ..the US government has used the war on terror as a justification for increased telephone wiretapping. Some would claim that this itself is an invasion of privacy after the wikileaks site showed that the war on terror has been poorly represented.

    ..there are plenty of people in America who do believe in truth, morality, accountability of power, etc. So there are many of us who don’t feel like the nation was threatened by the fact that the leaks were posted. Sure there are going to be high-ranking people who get creeped out by it, but that’s only human.

  10. The Nobel Peace Prize has no importance to anybody except the nut who gets it and then only because of the $1M that comes with the Cracker-Jack coin. And that’s peanuts compared to the income that comes with something like an Academy Award to some chick in Hollywood or most of the other prizes given out these days. Any genuine leader would take the money but ask that his/her name be left off the list with the winners of the last two decades.

  11. Hey, if they can give one to Mr. Obama just in case he does something to deserve it (and so far, he hasn’t), why not Wikileaks?

  12. Thank you julian assange for making proactive wars less likely in the future. thank you for giving all people proof of the hypocrisy of many of our leaders. thank you for showing that some of our leaders are honest and their motives are good. assange and wiki leaks deserve the nobel peace prize.

  13. The Peace prize in the last decade has been given to some very suspect candidates- Al Gore for publishing lies and making a fortune off of these lies, Obama for doing nothing, and the UN & Kofi Anin for ripping of the US and wasting money. This would just give Assange some operating funds in his continuing efforts to damage the US.

  14. I would argue that WikiLeaks does a better job of promoting instability (and hence potential war) than peace. The site and its founder Julian Assange have *zero* understanding of diplomacy. The reality, like it or not, is that not everything should be made public and all the recently released cables did was embarrass people. They hardly stopped violence or promoted peace. So no, WikiLeaks does not deserve the prize. Even if there is no one else who does either.

  15. Agree with Michael, but unfortunately it seems that most Americans learn little from revelations of how ill served they are by their government. The publication of the Pentagon Papers 40 yrs ago never made a dent in our collective gullibility, & we don’t seem to have gotten any better at critical thinking since then.

  16. Either way, he is just a screechy and boring drama queen. The dung he is shoveling out is the detritus of government communications.

  17. The more and more goodies this site releases, both against the US and other nations, the more I will support it and donate to it to keep it afloat. Whistleblowers and truth-addicts need to unite to make more sites like this. I just hope his ”leaks” are gained without coercion or force or bribery….cuz that would be bad. Then he would be no different than a middle-class mobster. But I will always support his site and leaks, even if it makes us (the U.S.) look abominable and malicious.

  18. Go for it, Julian ! ! And keep up the good work. We need far more whistleblowers underlining the most numerous, gross hypocries.

  19. Assange took money from al queda and other islamic radicals, and he couldn’t keep his pervy greasy penis in his pants and nows hes in trouble .Its the sick obsessions and twisted deranged ideology of terrorist julian assange here which is the issue . Every country in europe now regrets being so generous in allowing so much immigration from predominantly islamic nations and the creation of these ticking time bomb internal insular communities which have resulted. Sweden is no different, Now they want to stop digging the hole deeper.

  20. Irony is so overrated.I think even Wikileaks, as much as they are for openness, has tried to redact individual names to protect privacy, keep them safe, etc. This kind of leak is more about trying to harm an individual, not expose a public official or policy. Not at all on the same level.

  21. What is good for the goose, is for the gander. Imagine an entitled, professional, internet journalist (the term journalist is used in it’s most loose of definitions) whose sole purpose is to hide behind an international interpratation of the freedom of press, just to expose and endanger others for the sake of sensationalism, is now a press worthy story himself. The subject of his own privilege and profiting, is now crying wolf.

  22. Perhaps Mr. Assange should realize that the general public will care little about his sense of outrage and will be amused by the fact that the diclosure of private information, no matter how unfair, is something he just can’t control. If you don’t want it published, don’t write it, say it or do it. Whether he is innocent or not, he placed himself in this postition.

  23. I do not support Mr. Assange’s self-righteousness, but I do agree that some private information should be kept private until after any trial he may be facing. Only if convicted should information be released about his alleged crimes. Of course, he should have known there would be attacks when he went after the US and our allies. This is nothing. I’d be surprised if much worse doesn’t happen to him and his supporters. Is he willing to offer his life for his ideology? What about his helpers? Our military place their lives on the line every day.

  24. LOL, it’s all about privacy. Privacy on a national scale or on a personal scale, it’s still invasion of privacy. If this clown doesn’t want HIS private affairs made public, he needs to learn to honor other’s privacy. And the bottom line is: what he exposed could cause the deaths of a lot of people and possibly start one or more wars. What was exposed about him will only affect his life. That, in my opinion, is the ONLY difference. In any case, it’s always gratifying to see the tables turned on people who won’t mind their own business.

  25. I love how quickly Americans switch their stance on personal rights when it comes to people they don’t like. My rights are protected, yours are negotiable. Go tell the families of the journalists that were murdered by American helicopter pilots that Assange is a coward. I especially love the arguement that Danny posted in regards to Russia and China. This is a typical comeback to try to justify tyranny. It’s like justifying a punch to the face because in China they shoot you. Doesn’t make the punch to the face right.

  26. A leak is, a leak! It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Nobody can make the determination to release confidential information accept those who are responsible for generating the source. When someone thinks they have the right to determine what should be exposed as a ‘leak’, we have chaos. Julian Assange is not authorized to make decisions for others. He is fortunate that the leak of his police report to the public will not cause potential life threatening repercussions for him. Can’t say that about his own disgusting activities!

  27. Yes, there is a big difference between what he did and the leaks of his information. What he did placed peoples lives in danger, this information embarrassed him. Maybe now he will understand how destructive a leak of allegations can be, especially when they are unproven allegations. However, like most dimwits in the press, I suspect he will never understand the damage he did to individual lives of innocent people

  28. Im surprised that so many Americans are against Wikileaks. In my opinion they should be embracing it. I can guarantee that Thomas Jefferson would be behind Wikileaks 100. Lets hear from Jefferson, then:

  29. Let me spell it out. Private citizens are entitled to privacy. Governments and large corporations are NOT private citizens, nor do we treat them as such. Wikileaks does not seek transparency for private individuals nor does it seek to reveal wrongdoing of private citizens. Wikileaks are not the police or the justice system. They are the press. We, as private citizens, have every right to know what our democratically elected leaders are doing and saying in our name. They are beholden to US, not we to them.

  30. Julian Assange…..kill him if runs! Shot him when he falls. Raise the rent were stay. Expose that wears pink lace g-string kickers. And post the photos of him with dogs! Not talking about his old boy friends. In other words make him feel bad!!! For being a bore and an attention seeking little girl!

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